Trade like a pro

Forex is shorthand for “Foreign Exchange.” It’s the 5 trillion US dollar per day market in which currencies are traded. It’s the largest of the world’s financial markets, and the most liquid. The Forex market includes everyone with reason to exchange currencies, from the largest multinational corporations to governments to private individuals.

The forex markets have no physical locations; they are located entirely online, in the digital realm. Forex trading is available to anyone – a working internet connection and a computer with up-to-date software are generally all that’s needed to access the markets. With the advent of mini and micro

currency lots, the market is accessible even to traders of very modest means.

Being online, the forex markets are not tied to any one time zone. Forex is traded 5 days per week, from Sunday midnight (GMT+2) to Friday midnight (GMT+2), 24 hours per day. For individual small traders, this gives the advantage of convenience, making forex available on anyone’s schedule.