Forex Currencies

Experience The DifferenceTrade over 50 currency majors and pairs.

Gain access to the best trading conditions to around 50 currency pairs and the best opportunities in the financial market.

Open a live account now and make the best profit out of forex trading with the top leverages and tightest spreads in the market. Every trader also gets the chance to trade with leverages up to 1:200 without limitations through the help of professional experts.

For more information regarding spreads and leverage on all FX pairs provided by FHBC, please read our trading conditions page.

No commissions

FHBC earns on each Forex trade from a mark-up embedded in the spread, which is the difference between the bid price and the ask price.

24 hour trading

Invest in online trading with no interruption. The Forex market is available 24 hours a day for trading from any desktop or mobile device.

High Leverage

FHBC offers Default 1:50 Leverage. Higher leverage (1:200) is available upon request, subject to the Company’s approval.

Trading Education

Whatever your trading experience, we provide complete interactive Education tools that empower your knowledge level.