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FHBC MetaTrader 4

FHBC MetaTrader 4

We offer the leading trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Comprising all you need for Forex trading the powerful MetaTrader 4 is a perfectly equipped system allowing traders to enter and trade Forex, CDF and Futures in the financial markets. It delivers all the needed tools and resources to examine the changing aspects in prices of financial instruments. In addition, it offers ease in trading transactions as well as automatic trading programs. MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading system worldwide for a reason: it embodies everything a trader needs in a single platform.



This state-of the art FHBC Mobile trader platform is specifically designed for our clients who prefer to trade using mobile phones and tablets. Using the FHBC Sirix Mobile Trader Platform, you can virtually take the market with you anywhere you go. With all of the charts and news that you’ll need to trade successfully, Sirix Mobile is perfect for the trader on the go. The platform is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

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Benefits of FHBC Activ8

  • Engaging platform that’s easy to use
  • Unique interface
  • Appealing front-end that offers a simplified UX, makes trading easy to understand and increase engagement
  • A visually effective dashboard from which traders can analyze their performance inside out
  • A Dynamic portfolio displayed to provide traders with a comprehensive summary of their status, from which positions can be adjusted.
  • Installed with a bank of automated strategies.
  • Intuitive design where fewer clicks are needed to execute a trade, proactively guides users through a trading journey.
  • Deposit funds from any site on the platform.
  • Available on web, mobile & tablet.
  • Access currencies, stocks, commodities and other financial trading instruments.
  • Apply trading insights using analysis tools with actionable content.
  • Intuitive UI makes trading easy. and engaging for both newbie and advanced FHBC traders alike.
  • Access global diversified instruments including stocks, EFTs, commodities, etc.
  • Favorite signals can be selected by FHBC user to create their own favorites folder that sits on the home page.
  • View charts in multiple time frames
  • Numerous tools to obtain market sentiment
  • View and action insights from economic calendars
  • View and action insights from live news streams
  • Place and adjust trades with stop loss and take profit orders
  • Expand particular instruments to apply a comprehensive range of technical indicators.
  • Permanent blotter provides a constant view of account summary.
  • View portfolio percentage distribution as per asset class, total profits, success rates,FHBC  traders, volumes traded and risk level.
  • A summary dashboard can be opened to display comprehensive information on a trading account.
  • Constant blotter expands to a portfolio which provides a drill down of every position with editing capabilities.
  • FHBC Traders can benchmark their own trades by comparing their performance against leading market indices.
  • Enable traders to copy proven strategies that have a demonstrated track record.
  • Trading Strategies shorten the learning curve and lower barriers of entry for new traders whilst increasing and extending the LTV.
  • Regulation compliant strategies that traders can analyze, monitor and evaluate before copying.